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Fee Reduction for Online Training Course

InterMEDIATE Dispute Management Pty Ltd is offering all Free Wowsta members 10% off and all VIP Wowsta members 20% off the below course.

Identifying Preventing and Managing Bullying & Harassment in the Workplace – Online training, self-paced designed to be completed in 6 hours.

This is essential training for every worker, from CEO to the most junior. Engaged participants will learn the following topics.

Create a safer, more harmonious and productive workplace. Reduce risk and liability.
Understand legislative compliance
Understand the responsibility and liability of all workers
Understand what IS bullying and what is NOT bullying & harassment.
Know what to do if bullying & harassment is experienced or witnessed, including how to report and to whom
What is reasonable management and expected of all employees.
Recognise more than 22 bullying behaviors.
Workplace Health & Safety - The responsibility of all workers
Know what to do if bullying happens regardless of whether you are a target or bystander.
Realise one's own bullying behaviors which may or may not have been intentional.
How to change bullying behaviors to respectful, collaborative and colleagial.
Understand consequences of bullying & harassment
Learn to communicate assertively
Learn resilience
Options for resolution

Terms and conditions

This offer is only available to members of Wowsta at the time of booking and the discount will be based on the Wowsta members membership status at the time of booking.

The discount is only available for the online course and not the face to face training sessions also offered by InterMEDIATE Dispute Management Pty Ltd.

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Mismanaged conflict is costly!
It ruins relationships, destroys lives and businesses and can lead to expensive lengthy legal battles.
When you want to resolve a dispute effectively, efficiently, respectfully and without the stress and expense of going to court, contact InterMEDIATE Dispute Management.
We can help you to restore your relationships and move forward. With our team's, more than 380 years combined dispute management expertise, our caring and competent professional team is here for you during and after hours, 7 days a week.

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