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RV Solar Supplies - 120W Folding Solar Panel

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Our folding solar panels are easy to use for camping/caravanning/4x4. Arrive at your campsite, park in the shade and simply put the solar panel out to work in the sun. The panel will keep your 12V battery charged using free energy from the sun.

Our kits use quality BOSCH solar cells and are packed with useful features such as 8m cable, adjustable support legs, 10A solar charge controller with LCD display, alligator clip and Anderson plug connectors and a hard wearing stylish carry case.

Regular Prices are:
120W $540
160W $649

Terms and conditions

Pick up is available from our warehouse or we can ship anywhere in Australia for $25.
Product comes with a 25 yr warranty on electrical output and 12 months on all other components.

Merchant LogoAbout: RV Solar Supplies

We are a 100% owned and operated Australian company based in Capalaba, Brisbane.

RV Solar Supplies, which began life as Solar Gods, was established in March 2012 by Spencer Smith. Solar Gods started as an online retailer of 12 volt solar products for caravanning, camping, 4×4 and marine enthusiasts.

At the beginning of 2014 we transitioned the company to being a wholesaler, supplying RV dealers and retailers across Australia with folding, fixed and flexible solar panel kits and accessories. Being a wholesaler means we can help more Australian’s experience the freedom that solar power brings, doing what Australian’s do best – having fun in the great outdoors and experiencing all that this country has to offer.


What you find out about RV Solar Supplies is that we are passionate about Powering Freedom – giving outdoor enthusiasts the freedom, independence and peace of mind to go wherever they want, whenever they want. Never before in history has it been possible to live a totally sustainable outdoor lifestyle meeting your power needs using solar energy. The only footprints you should leave behind are your own, having a zero carbon footprint is great for the environment and great for your hip pocket.


RV Solar Supplies is a proud member of the Australian Solar Council and supports the transition of Australia’s energy use from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas) are a finite energy resource and will one day run out (or become too commercially expensive to exploit). Renewable energy such as solar is limitless, abundant, reliable and free and the best part is, no Government will ever own or control solar energy, it is available equally to every human being on the planet.


Over the last 18 months we have lobbied the Australian Solar Council to recognise recreational solar as being an important part of the solar industry. As more and more people take to the road and use solar to power their outdoor lifestyles we realised that the recreational solar industry was unrepresented at Government level.

So in May this year we were delighted to receive a letter from the CEO John Grimes officially recognising recreational solar and endorsing RV Solar Supplies for the work that we do in powering freedom for all outdoor enthusiasts. This firmly puts our industry on the map and reflects a growing awareness around personal use solar to power our outdoor lives.

“The Australian Solar Council recognizes recreational solar as an emerging and valuable contributor to the Australian Solar Industry. We support the contribution that RV Solar Supplies continues to make in its mission to help outdoor enthusiasts understand the true value that solar energy plays in powering their recreational freedom.”

John Grimes, CEO Australian Solar Council


4 57 Neumann Road
Capalaba 4157 QLD





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9:00 : 17:00
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RV Solar Supplies specialises in solar for outdoor leisure and recreational use - camping, caravanning, marine and 4x4.

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