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Discover the best Australian natural skincare and cosmetics, and be rewarded with a discount too!

*** Our handcrafted skincare and cosmetics are 100% natural, toxic free, vegan, and cruelty free. ***

We do for your skin what chocolate does for your taste-buds.

Aside from giving you amazing skin, we’ve got a few other tricks up our sleeve too.

• Organic & 100% natural
• Vegan & cruelty free
• Handmade in Australia
• Family business giving you incredible service
• Real results backed by a 100% happiness guarantee

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We are mix-a-holics. We’ll mix or blend whatever it is we can get our hands on.

Smoothies (usually green). Doughs (homemade bread is the best). Mix tapes (children of the 80’s). Mixed nuts (unsalted). Mixed socks (no prizes for most organised household here). And nearly becoming a champion cocktail mixer (more on this below).

Mixing was our secret obsession. Add a generous dash of passion for health and wellness, and out popped Happy Skincare in 2010.

Happy Skincare is a natural health-obsessed mix-a-holic’s dream! And it all started in our kitchen when Aaron mixed up a 100% natural stretch mark cream for Phoebe’s pregnant belly.

Happy Skincare allows us to make what we love (organic, 100% natural, vegan skincare) and take care of our growing family.

Happy Skincare is an odd mix in itself. 1 part naval officer, 1 part I.T. queen, 2 parts enthusiasm, a few handfuls of amazing Australian ingredients, and a sprinkling of quirkiness and fun.

The products are the crème de la crème (check out the reviews here). But what really makes us different is our mission to take care of you like you’re a part of the family.

We are a team of 2.5, the apprentice (our cavoodle Rusty) is a bit of a slacker, but we punch above our weight. If you need to chat then you get to talk to one of us.

We do have a serious side too…

Our products are recommended by medical professionals and we stand behind every product with a full satisfaction guarantee. We specialise in skin care for mature and sensitive skin, dry skin, acne and pimples, chemotherapy and radiation therapy patients, eczema, irritated skin, diabetics and people living with lymphoedema.

How we found our purpose

Our very favourite product we have created is the TLC Intensive Repair Oil because it was originally a custom creation for a lady undergoing chemotherapy who wanted something other than mineral oil based products like sorbolene cream. We are very humbled by how many people have experienced a better quality of life after using the TLC Intensive Repair Oil.

The TLC Intensive Repair Oil is also special because it proved that

Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated to make a big difference to your skin.

Nature has done so much of the hard work for us, and with some care and cleverness we have been able to create a whole range of clean, simple and 100% natural skincare products that are gaining a bit of a cult following.

Our philosophy to improve your skin health is the same as if you were trying to improve your overall health.

To keep your skin bright and clear you should feed your skin what it needs – natural and organic ingredients that have high anti-oxidant and vitamin content along with a healthy dose of essential fatty acids.

You’ll notice we’re big fans of Australia’s Kakadu Plum which has the worlds highest Vitamin C content (and it is well established that vitamin C is essential for collagen formation).

Anti-oxidants are vital to help us fight oxidative stress caused by our lifestyles which depletes our skin of nutrients and is the precursor to many skin issues, including making us look older.

We also look for oils high in Omega 3, 6, 9, 5 and 7 such as Chia Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Pomegranate Oil and Macadamia Oil.

It’s up to you to ditch the chemicals, because the skincare industry is biased

More and more of us are becoming aware of what we eat in terms of avoiding synthetic ingredients, and this awareness should also apply to your skincare. The skin is the largest organ in your body and absorbs approximately 60% of the chemicals it touches.

It is so important to minimise the chemicals that you and your family are exposed to because (without wanting to sound extremist here!) the consequences can be dire. Chemicals that are found in skincare and household products can disrupt hormones and cause abnormal cell growth and range in effects like causing eczema, premature ageing, fertility problems, and even cancer.

What you mightn’t realise is that the self-regulated Australian cosmetics industry doesn’t stop companies from putting potentially nasty ingredients into skincare products. It’s up to you to either educate yourself about every ingredient you’re using (you come into contact with hundreds every day!), or find a skincare company you trust and let them do all that hard work.

So put your trust in us and join our journey of natural skincare and healthy lifestyles. You won’t regret it.

Aaron and Phoebe Breckell
Happy Skincare Directors
Newcastle, Hunter Region, NSW, Australia

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