Shaw Academy - Introduction to PhotoshopShaw Academy - Introduction to Photoshop

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The Shaw Academy is recognised as the leading Online Educational Provider in the world. More than 35,000 people per month enrol in Shaw Academy courses.

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Merchant LogoAbout: Shaw Academy - Introduction to Photoshop

The Shaw Academy is a professional training and higher education institution dedicated to making the highest quality, practical education accessible to all. We are committed to both excellence in teaching and support, enhancing the learning experience of each individual student. We provide cutting edge education, offering highly innovative topics, administered in a flexible nature.

The Shaw Academy was founded on the premise of necessity. Put simply, for too long people have been paying too much for education and getting too little. At Shaw Academy education knows no boundaries; vocational topics and one to one support are seamlessly integrated in an affordable manner, teaching practical skills to apply to the real world.

Whether you are a landscape photographer who wants to enhance the colours and vibrancy in your images, or a portrait photographer wanting to cosmetically retouch a shot, a knowledge in Photoshop will equip you with the skills to carry out editing and enhancements to really take your images to a new level. A firm understand of the power of post-production and image editing will open up a whole new world of creative tools and techniques.

The course aims to equip you with the skills and knowledge to enhance and retouch images at a professional standard.

The Deal

1. Lessons provided by an esteemed professional in Photoshop and Photography
2. Totally practical skills and knowledge to enhance your images and take your photography work to a new level.
3. Over 18 online audio and visual modules, spanning in excess of 8 hours of highly enjoyable interactive, easily accessible, premium practical content delivered in an accessible format available on-demand at your convenience 24/7
4. Lessons are divided into short chapters to allow you to study efficiently without impeding on your current lifestyle.
5. Full support provided throughout and upon completion of the programme – your tutor is at hand at all times and can be reached with any question no matter how large or small
6. No prior knowledge or experience required

Course includes:

Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: Workspace
Lesson 3: Creating New Images
Lesson 4: Using Transform/History Panel
Lesson 5: Marquee and Move Tools
Lesson 6:Using the Selection Tools
Lesson 7: Tools Part 1
Lesson 8: Tools Part 2
Lesson 9: Tools Part 3
Lesson 10: Brushes Overview
Lesson 11: Basic Photo Retouching
Lesson 12: Masks and Colour Correction
Lesson 13: Using Layers
Lesson 14: Gradients, Texts and Guides
Lesson 15: Layer Styles
Lesson 16: Image Filters
Lesson 17: Working with Vectors
Lesson 18: Blending Modes

Full Course Details can be found here -

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