Wowsta Dollars - What are they?

Wowsta Travel & Lifestyle Dollars are a great fun way for you to really become involved as part of the Wowsta community.  Wowsta Travel & Lifestyle Dollars double as both an incentive and as a ‘thank you’ to you for helping us out.

WowstaTravel & Lifestyle Dollars will be awarded to all members for performing a variety of tasks within the Wowsta Shopping, Leisure & Lifestyle Program …



If you are a FREE MEMBER you earn

If you are a VIP MEMBER you earn

Join as a Free Member $100 -
Join as a VIP Member $500 -
Refer or tell a friend about Wowsta (a friend clicks your personal link) $10 $25
Referred Friend joins Wowsta as a free member $25 $50
Referred Friend joins Wowsta as a VIP member $250 $500
Like us on Social Media - FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ $50 $100
Like a Discount on FaceBook $10 $25
Like a Beneficiary on FaceBook $10 $25
Share a Discount on Social Media $10 $25
Share a Beneficiary on Social Media $10 $25
Download Discount Voucher to Print / Promo Code $10 $25
Make a booking through the Travel Club $50 $100
Log into website $10 $25
Log into website 10 days consecutively $100 extra $250 extra
Provide a testimonial $100 $250


…these Wowsta Travel & Lifestyle Dollars can then be redeemed for EXTRA discounts from within our Wowsta My Just Rewards Lifestyle Collection.  At the moment Wowsta Dollars can be used (within this Collection) as extra discounts for:

  • Hot Deals
  • Accommodation bookings
  • Package Holidays
  • Cruises
  • Resort Holidays
  • Escorted Tours

The things that really set Wowsta Travel & Lifestyle Dollars apart from any other Travel program in the marketplace are:

  • 1 Wowsta Dollar = 1 REAL Australian Dollar
  • There are NO BLACKOUT PERIODS - but please bear in mind that some properties may be 'booked out' on the dates that you wish to travel or may have their own individual policies in place.
  • Wowsta Dollars NEVER EXPIRE
  • Wowsta Dollars CAN BE SHARED with family and friends - all bookings do need to be made by the account holder
  • Best price GUARANTEE on Hot Deals, Cruises and Resorts - see below for Terms & Conditions
  • Wowsta Travel & Lifestyle Dollars offer REAL VALUE - not the perceived value of other programs (you know the ones where you have to spend $20,000 to get $100 of value)


As the Wowsta Program grows we hope to be able to offer extra discounts through Wowsta Travel & Lifestyle Dollars to other shopping categories and offerings.

When using Wowsta Dollars you have a travel specialist at the end of the phone happy to help you understand and to assist you in gaining the most benefit from your Wowsta Dollars.  Just call 1300 859 864 and we are here to help you.

To redeem Wowsta Travel & Lifestyle Dollars as EXTRA DISCOUNTS against your travel purchases and bookings simply follow the prompts from within the Wowsta My Just Rewards Lifestyle Collection website.  If you have any problems or questions then give us a call on 1300 859 864 or email us at and we will guide you through it.

The best thing about a Wowsta Travel & Lifestyle Dollar is that 1 Wowsta Dollar  = 1 real Australian dollar

All products in our Lifestyle Collection have been discounted for Wowsta members – so that once you have the discounted ‘Wowsta member price' YOU THEN GET AN EXTRA DISCOUNT BY REDEEMING SOME OF YOUR WOWSTA TRAVEL DOLLARS.

And, as an extra special bonus for our Members – We have a BEST PRICE GUARANTEE!

  • For Hot Deals, Cruise Bookings and Worldwide Resort products…If the discounted ‘Wowsta member price’ (before the Wowsta Travel Dollars are applied) is not THE BEST PRICE on the internet, then simply give us a call on 1300 859 864 and we will MATCH that better price…AND THEN let you redeem the appropriate amount of Wowsta Travel Dollars off that best price!

How good is that!

So start earning your Wowsta Dollars today (we have given you some dollars already simply by joining) and start saving BIG on lots of great travel services from the Wowsta My Just Rewards Lifestyle Collection.

NB – Sometimes it takes up to 48 hours for your Wowsta Dollars to be credited to your account.

Make sure to keep an eye out for some amazing Member competitions that will be linked to your Wowsta Travel & Lifestyle Dollars – the more Wowsta Dollars you earn, the more chance you have of winning some awesome prizes!