Why we started Wowsta

Firstly, Wowsta Australia Pty Ltd (ABN – 61 168 749 488) is a company wholly owned and managed in Australia.

Wowsta is a Shopping, Leisure & Lifestyle Program unlike anything else in Australia. We were born after a number of years of research with merchants, consumers and Not For Profit Community Groups who all told us that they wanted more…and that they wanted something a little different.

During those years we looked at every other discount and rewards program in the marketplace – the good, the bad and the very, very bad. Whilst there are a couple that are very good, there were far too many that were stale, old-fashioned and those that just didn’t value the members of their community enough. So we set out to create something new, refreshing and exciting.


Consumers and shoppers – predominately normal every day Australians told us that:

  • They didn’t want another plastic card
  • They didn’t want points – where a million points got you a toaster
  • They didn’t want useless discounts that they would never use
  • They wanted value
  • They wanted something for the whole family
  • They wanted lots of local discounts
  • They wanted to help their local communities, their schools, sporting clubs and charities – but that they just couldn’t afford to keep ‘putting their hands’ in their pockets over and over again – no matter how much they saw the good in giving.


Merchants and business owners – especially small business owners told us that:

  • They wanted better access to new and repeat customers
  • They wanted to give value to customers
  • They wanted a chance to show how well they could look after customers
  • They wanted a way to market and advertise what they offered in a way that didn’t cost them a fortune (as traditional marketing avenues do)
  • They wanted a chance to give back to and participate in their communities in a more meaningful way


Community Groups, Charities and sporting clubs told us:

  • Things were tough – more worthy causes targeting a decreasing supply of available funds
  • That people were getting tired of lamingtons and chocolate drives and raffles
  • That everyday Australians were struggling themselves and just couldn’t afford to ‘keep giving’ to the worthy causes
  • That they wanted a way to access donations on a regular basis without burdening their supporters
  • They needed a solution that ‘didn’t cost them money’ – so that 100% of all donations went where they were meant to go.


So, armed with all of this information Wowsta’s early-stage Founder developed a Program that offers everything that the 3 groups above were asking for whilst eliminating the things they didn’t want. The Wowsta team (which now numbers 12 awesome, dedicated and talented people) have moulded Wowsta into potentially THE most exciting and innovative Program that Australia has ever seen.  This 12-strong team are all shareholders in the Program and they are joined by many other shareholders who also share the same vision.  All of these shareholders are proud Australians committed to helping others through the Wowsta program.

It has been a long work in progress – and still is. Many of the most innovative features of Wowsta won’t be seen until 2016 and beyond. But that’s ok. We will grow and develop – and we want you to be with us and to help us along the way.

This is YOUR Community. WOWSTA belongs to you – and with your help, together we will become the best Program that this country has ever seen.


It’s a program where everyone WINS

Members win because Wowsta will save you money – and lots of it – every time you have to open your wallet or purse to pay for something. We can’t cover everything from Day 1 so we are starting small, but we will continue to add amazing value with new retailers and merchants for you every day from now on. You can help us out here – if you would love a discount from a shop that isn’t in the Program – then let us know – or better still tell the retailer to get in touch – and we will bring him on board.

Merchants win because Wowsta is sending new customers and repeat customers their way without the heavy advertising fees that they are so used to paying – meaning bigger discounts for YOU

The community wins because every time you help Wowsta to earn a dollar – we will give up to 20% of that dollar to the beneficiary of your choice – an amazing charity, the local school, the kids’ local sporting club, a local community group – your choice – just tell us who you want the donations to go to and we will send the money in that direction.

So that’s how and why Wowsta is here today – whether we stay and continue to grow is entirely up to you – we want you ‘in our corner’ every step of the way. Your Club…Your Community… together we truly are a place where we can all experience ‘feel-good discounts’.