Vision and Mission


“To provide discounts to our members, customers to our merchants and donations to our Beneficiaries. To truly be a “community of feel-good discounts”

The Wowsta Shopping, Leisure & Lifestyle Program is a place where all Australians can save money, support their favourite community groups and have fun whilst doing both.

From the moment our members visit our website they feel warmly welcomed and part of a larger family of friends. The website is bright, colourful and easy to navigate. It is a place where people love to visit – full of information that everyone can understand, use and enjoy.

We cater to members who are happy to enjoy the benefits we offer for free. We also offer Wowsta VIP membership with extra discounts and benefits for those who may choose to upgrade for a different, fuller experience.

We offer great opportunities to merchants and other business owners to bring more customers through their own front doors in a variety of ways at a fraction of the cost of other advertising mediums.

We financially support local, State and National community groups, charities and sporting organisations and we provide a means for members to do the same – simply by using the Wowsta Shopping, Leisure & Lifestyle Program.

We provide a level of customer service to members, merchants and community groups that will ensure everyone feels valued and special.

We make sure that everyone that uses our website and our Program feels a sense of satisfaction and reward and leaves with a distinctive ‘can’t wait to visit again’ attitude.

We are truly a ‘community of feel-good discounts’



“To create a unique and new way of shopping for less, to help businesses grow and communities thrive. To spread happiness and have fun in everything we do.”

We will utilise:

  • Our love of saving you money
  • Our commitment to helping other businesses grow
  • Our desire to support the community – locally, State-wide and Nationally
  • Our outstanding customer service
  • Our sense of fun


To enable us:

  • To supply members with discounts every time they go shopping or require a product or service
  • To help merchants and other business owners to promote themselves to Wowsta members
  • To provide regular ongoing financial support to community groups, charities and sporting organisations
  • To make sure that everyone who uses the Wowsta Shopping, Leisure & Lifestyle Program feels valued, special and looked-after
  • To ensure that all Wowsta members enjoy their experience and can’t wait to come back again for more


And to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide all Australians with opportunities to save money every day
  • To help business owners to grow their own businesses
  • To give all Australians the chance to help their community
  • To have a reputation for outstanding customer service
  • To have lots of fun in everything we do