Our Promise To You

I am a member -We want you to save every time you shop. Whether it’s going on holiday, renting a car, replacing the lawnmower – we have you covered – and if we don’t, then tell us… and we will find a merchant who will. We have dedicated ourselves to giving you discounts, lots of discounts, on everything!

I am a merchant - We want you to grow, and flourish! Not just have customers but loyal ones. So join us, look after our members and we’ll send as many as we can … straight to your door.

We are a beneficiary - We want to help you, and so do our members. That’s why whenever a member earns a dollar for us; we will share it with you – up to 20% of it – so you can continue doing the amazing things you do, we salute you!

How good is that!  Our members save, our merchants prosper and the beneficiary’s thrive.

Sounds like a win, win, win for everyone concerned!