I'm a Merchant

The Wowsta Merchant Support Program is just as the name says - a program to support and help Merchants and Small Business Owners.

The aim of the Program is simply to help merchants to find new and repeat customers and clients.  No matter what industry your business covers, Wowsta members want to support you, shop with you and use your services.

The concept is simple:

  1. Wowsta will promote you and your business to all visitors to the Wowsta website and to all Wowsta members - in many different ways
  2. When Wowsta sends you a customer or client, you look after that member with great service and a discount
  3. The customer leaves you happy and satisfied and you have ensured that you have a new advocate of your business and a customer for as long as you need them


  • If you need our help, we will help you design and decide on a discount for your new valued customers
  • We will give your business its very own page on the Wowsta site
  • A Wowsta member will download your discount voucher and you now have another customer
  • Wowsta members will either bring the voucher into your store (printed or on their mobile phone) or enter a promo code on your website.
  • You need to honour the discount offered AND treat the Wowsta member as a special part of your new family … you now have a customer forever.
  • We really are here to find you both new and repeat customers and clients on an ongoing basis – just PROMISE us that you will look after our Wowsta Members.
  • If you ever need any help then we are always here for you – simply contact our customer service team at anytime by emailing us at askus@wowsta.com.au
  • It’s important for all merchants to note that we now have an Australia-wide Sales Team who are talking with new merchants every day and helping them to join the Wowsta Program.  These Sales Agents are authorised by Wowsta to assist you in registering and they are able to present you with some fantastic offers which will save you money AND bring some great value-added features to you for FREE.
  • Authorised Wowsta Sales Agents will always have access to a registered …..@wowsta.com.au….. email address.  Please email us through our 'contact us' page if you have any questions or concerns at any time




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