I'm a Beneficiary

  • Let us know you want to join by dropping us an email OR by giving the Wowsta Founder, Grant Williams a call on 0499 150 599
  • We will give your organisation its very own page on the Wowsta site to highlight and ‘spread the word’ about the amazing work that you do and the services that you offer.  We can even help you to promote your events on this page.
  • We will give you access to our Wowsta Marketing Team to assist you in telling all your members, supporters, volunteers and staff about Wowsta
  • When members join through your Beneficiary referral code, you will automatically be selected as their Beneficiary for 12 months… if a new member joins through a different type of referral then we will make sure that the new member has the opportunity to select you as their Beneficiary
  • Wowsta has multiple  revenue streams where you will earn donations from us, based on the spending habits of those members that have nominated you as their Beneficiary.
  • The principle is simple… Every time Wowsta earns a dollar from VIP memberships or from commissions that we earn based on the spend of members at selected merchants… you share in up to 20% of that revenue as a donation from us to you!
  • If you ever need any help then we are always here for you – simply contact our customer service team at anytime by emailing us at askus@wowsta.com.au


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