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The Fight Duchenne Foundation is a NFP Charity engaged in assisting the Duchenne muscular dystrophy community of Australia.

Duchenne is an incurable muscle wasting disease that is 100% fatal.

Mainly affecting boys (1 in 3500), the disease leaves the sufferers in a wheelchair from the age of 8 and takes the ability to do the most simple of tasks away from the child into their late teens. Boys are passing away from as early as 9 from this disease.

Our focus is to assist in the provision of tangible resources for the Duchenne community including the facilitating of hoists, wheelchairs, modifications for cars, and bathrooms and the granting of respite breaks for parents and families living with Duchenne.



The Fight Duchenne Foundation would be extremely grateful for your ongoing support by nominating us as your chosen Beneficiary within the Wowsta Program. We also have a number of other ways in which you can help us and these can be found here -


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