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Safe Spot Foundation is your go-to place for safety and well-being.

Award winning resources, Community Programmes, freebies, e-books, information, advice and support. Saving lives and fostering a Safer, Smarter Next Generation.

Our programmes and safety resources focus on giving kids, teens and people with special needs an active role in their own safety and a voice against unsafe behaviour, as well as reducing stress for parents and guardians.

Our Hero and CEO "Miss Safe Spot" (otherwise known as Niki B) is a Mum of four, educator (Bachelor Teaching, Bachelor Social Science), grief recovery author, motivational speaker and CEO of Safe Spot Foundation.

Miss Safe Spot has a passion for education and inspiring others to be the best they can be. Safe Spot is our hero's way of making a difference. We believe anyone can be a super hero if given the opportunity; through education and support.

We're 100% Aussie owned, so all our safety resources are manufactured right here in Australia. We create our own resources which give kids and people with special needs an active role in their own safety, foster education and awareness, and reduce stress for parents and guardians.

We're giving kids an opportunity to learn and become independent, succeed, be praised for appropriate and safe behaviour and we're reminding peers, parents and community of the best ways to stay safe.

We're proud to be the positive change our communities need - and we'd love your help to make it happen!

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PO BOX 4239
Robina Robina Town Centre court/s
Gold Coast QLD 4230




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